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What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy, known as keyhole surgery, is a minimally invasive operating technique which is commonly used in humans and now increasingly in our pets.

It involves operating in the abdomen though very small incisions, usually about 1cm long, using a camera to see inside the body.  This allows the surgeon to see all the abdominal organs more clearly than with traditional surgery.

The operation is performed using one or two instruments introduced to the abdomen through the small incisions using the images from the camera on a TV screen.


The “Keyhole Surgery” Spay

One of the most common procedures we perform in this way is neutering of female dogs.

Traditionally this involves a major operation to remove the ovaries, but a recent study has shown that when the ovaries are removed by keyhole surgery it is 65% less painful to the pet.

There are many benefits to a keyhole surgery spay:

•65% less painful

•2-3 small wounds rather than one larger one

•Quicker recovery time (24 hours compared to 10 days for a normal bitch spay)

•Fewer complications

•Less and more delicate tissue handling by small instruments


Other procedures

Other procedures that can be performed by keyhole surgery include:

•Removal of retained testicles in the abdomen

•Liver biopsies

•Pancreatic biopsies

•Removal of intestinal foreign bodies

•Gastropexy (to reduce the risk of bloat in large breed dogs)


We currently perform Keyhole Surgery Bitch Spays at the Park Street Surgery.  Please ask any of the Kingston team for further details.


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