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Internal Medicine and Laboratory

Internal medicine is an important part of veterinary practice and includes the diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions, including:


•Heart and lung conditions

•Stomach and intestinal problems

•Blood and bone marrow diseases

•Urinary problems

•Auto-immune disease

•Cancer requiring chemotherapy

•Emergency cases requiring intensive care.


As well as our dog and cats wards, the isolation ward is used for patients that may be infectious to other patients or people.

We have a variety of advanced equipment for the investigation of medical cases; this includes two endoscopes, used to pass camera into the stomach, nose or lungs to look for problems and take samples.


Our state of the art in house laboratory can provide blood and urine results within minutes.  This facility allows us to diagnose and treat emergency cases as soon as possible, as well as monitor the status of our inpatients or assess patients prior to anaesthesia.  The facilities include biochemistry, haematology and blood gas analysis machines and a microscope for assessing skin samples, blood smears and urine.


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