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We have dog and cat wards at all of our branches, however, those requiring overnight care are transferred to our Park Street Hospital, where there are staff on site 24 hours a day.


We are very proud of the standard of hospitalisation we provide to our patients.  The facilities include:


•Separate dog, cat and isolation wards.

•Secure outdoor dog yard for exercise and toileting.

•Cat Friendly Clinic Silver accreditation at the Park Street Hospital.

•24 hour nursing care with a vet on call.

•Intensive care where required.

•Oxygen supply in the wards.



Our in-house laboratory allows us to make rapid diagnoses and to monitor your pet’s recovery without having to wait for results from an external laboratory.


Don’t forget our small furries!  We have great facilities for rabbits and small furries, in order to minimise stress and infuse small volumes of medications when necessary.


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